Welcome to my photography website! I am a photographer and astrophysicist who works and lives (mostly) in Munich. Having started with photography in 2009, it quickly became one of my favourite occupations, especially considering its synergy with my work in science and the locations where I get to travel. My special focus lies on a self-developed technique, creating infrared and visible light hybrid composite pictures. Feel free to check out the articles and other categories as well!

13.07.18 The photos from the recent art exhibition in collaboration with foku'sh can be found here!

02.11.17 Updates in infrared, street photography and astrophotography! Also, I am on Instagram now.

02.07.17 New album! Google Photos

22.03.17 The email adress in "About" is now working.
Many apologies to all who unsuccessfully tried to contact me!

13.12.16 New album! Google Photos

19.09.16 New album! Google Photos

16.09.16 New album! Google Photos

16.08.16 New album! Google Photos

16.05.16 Time to continue the saga of the full-spectrum camera! Google Photos

03.05.16 I finally completed the full-spectrum camera project! First shots on Google Photos

05.04.16 New album at Google Photos

03.02.16 New album at Google Photos

20.12.15 New album at Google Photos

17.11.15 New album at Google Photos

02.11.15 Updates in categories astrophotography, landscape and uncategorized! I am also on 500px now.

10.10.15 New album at Google Photos

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18.08.15 New album at Google Photos

06.07.15 New album at Google+

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