Hi! My name is Christian Obermeier and I used to be an astrophysicist – if you are interested in my professional work, please look here. Now, I am a patent investigator for the DPMA, focused on biomedical engineering, and the co-owner of a small coffee roastery, Kaffeerösterei Ohneis & Obermeier.

There are a couple of things that interest me in particular. Based on my former and current work, I am very fascinated by all parts of the light spectrum and as such I am nowadays focused on infrared photography, for which I also sometimes give courses. Besides that, as a former astronomical observer, I am, of course, interested in the night sky.

In general, at least one of three things has to happen for me to like a photo: it must have an interesting content or story, pleasing colours and shapes, or offer a new perspective on something. For this reason, I am also into more abstract and into street photography.

Infrared in particular fulfills me, since it has this unique combination of visuals and colours while still telling a story about our world that cannot be seen by eye.