I am a postdoc, dividing my time between the the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Astronomy in Garching, the University Observatory in Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg.
My research topic is the Pan-Planets survey, one of the 12 key science projects of the Pan-STARRS1 prototype telescope.
We try to detect transits of exoplanets, meaning an event where the planet moves in front its host star, just slightly decreasing its brightness.
Our main focus is the detection of Hot Jupiters around cool dwarf stars. So far we still do not know how common this exotic type of planet is around the smallest and coolest stars in our universe.
I am furthermore involved in a number of projects, most importantly the extremely successful K2 survey that is utilizing the Kepler space telescope.

Curriculum Vitae

Obermeier et al., 2016b: K2 Discovers a Busy Bee: An Unusual Transiting Neptune Found in the Beehive Cluster
Crossfield et al., 2016: 197 Candidates and 104 Validated Planets in K2’s First Five Fields
Obermeier et al., 2016a: Pan-Planets: Searching for hot Jupiters around cool stars
Schlieder et al., 2016: Two Small Temperate Planets Transiting Nearby M Dwarfs in K2 Campaigns 0 and 1
Crossfield et al., 2015: A Nearby M Star with Three Transiting Super-Earths Discovered by K2

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